Obstetrics & Gynecology in Henderson, NV

At Horizon Women’s Health, located in the Henderson, NV,  we are devoted to providing the full range of obstetrics and gynecology services. If you would like more information about the services we provide, please call our office at (702) 898-7226.

Our OBGYN Services:


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We provide trusted gynecological care for women of all ages in Henderson, NV, and surrounding areas. We provide routine gynecology care, minimally invasive procedures, and general women’s health services. Learn more about our Gynecology services                                                                        


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Horizon Women’s Health provides obstetric care that is tailored to your individual needs. We can help you with preconception planning, counseling, and testing, as well as prenatal care during your pregnancy, and labor and delivery in the Las Vegas area. Learn more about our Obstetrical services.

da Vinci Surgery

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We are leading the way with the latest surgical techniques for women in Las Vegas, NV, and surrounding areas. We specialize in robotic surgeries including hysterectomy, endometriosis resection, myomectomy, and pelvic prolapse treatment. Learn more about daVinci Surgery.

MonaLisa Touch

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Millions of women experience changes to their vaginal health that, as a consequence, affect their personal lives. Now there’s a solution called MonaLisa Touch! Because there is no need for anesthesia, the procedure can be done quickly in our office in Henderson, NV. Learn more about Mona Lisa Touch.